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Are All Backlinks a Good Thing?

Are All Backlinks a Good Thing?

One of Magic Article Rewriters benefits is creating backlinks on article directories and blogs. Most people know the importance of backlinks, but are all backlinks good?

Backlinks are one method search engines use to check the importance of your page. If these occur naturally and are related to your site, all should be good. BUT….the search engines do not want to be manipulated. Therefore backlinks that look too spammy may very well work against you. Having thousands of backlinks from mail order bride websites for example.

Are All Backlinks a Good Thing?

There is also evidence that all backlinks are not equal in the eyes of the search engine spider.

Some of the most common backlink types are, backlinks from forum profilescommentssocial networks and article sites and blogs. It seems lately that profile and comments may be losing “juice” lately. This makes sense when you think about it. Both of these types of backlinks are falsely proliferated by automation tools. Even if they are done manually, what do they prove? It simply states that someone made a brief comment on someone else’s site, or set up a basic profile on another site. They really tell nothing of the quality of your site.

On the other hand, in my opinion, backlinks on article websites and blogs may have more power. These backlinks are saying, this site has linked to this other site as proof of their own information, or to explain something further. This must mean that your site is in a position of some authority.

Magic Article Rewriter along with Magic Article Submitter can help you create this valuable form of backlink. First, you can turn one article into many, and submit to many high ranking directories and blogs. And this is only one of the benefits.

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