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If you have tried to make money online or if you are a regular marketer Im sure you have tried using article marketing.Now some will say that article marketing isnt as powerful as it once was, but I strongly disagree. Like much of internet marketing things are always evolving, but lets look at what article marketing can do for you in 2010.

First of all, just posting an article to a good article site could generate instant sales. I do it all the time. However, if you have just tried posting one identical article to a handful of sites, you are most likely missing out on sales. Posting one identical article to ten article sites will probably get your message in front of one hundred people?, however submitting fifty unique articles to fifty article sites will get your message out to thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. I usually get a hundred views easy from one article, usually much more. So imagine the traffic from 100 unique articles to 100 article sites. This could very well be your missing link. Buying this much traffic from PPC would cost a fortune.

The written word is a very powerful persuader. The reader is in effect reading to himself exactly what you have written. Its almost auto hypnotic. Now to get that sales message in the minds of thousands of people, hopefully people searching for the subject, is a great campaign. With this kind of exposure you are sure to get a percentage of sales. But,the articles have to be unique you can check duplicate content from this tool

Now more than ever, people, webmasters, the search engines are looking for unique content. Duplicate content is considered spam. So if you send out the same exact article to many sites, you will probably get some results, but… will be a fraction of what you would get if the articles are different. Now you could write all those articles if you have, hours, days, even weeks. The better route is to use a reliable article rewriter or spinner, to create distinct, readable articles.

Programs like Magic Article Rewriter can generate hundreds of different versions, in just minutes.

Not only do you get direct sales from article marketing, you also get traffic. You get links to your website or offer, backlinks. You get new visitors on a regular basis. Imagine the new visitors you would get from fifty unique articles, submitted to fifty article sites. Imagine twice as much. It is possible to get huge crowds of visitors from such a campaign. Not just on one occasion, but everyday for weeks, months or even years! And its not only article websites. You can use your articles on thousands of targeted blogs and social sites such as Hubpages.

So you have the potential for instant sales, thousands of visitors to your site or offer, and quality backlinks.

And did I mention its free.


f you have tried submitting a few of the same articles to a few directories, you really havent tried using articles to their full potential.This Article Rewriter can help you dramatically increase your visitors, and your sales.

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