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5 Benefits of Using Magic Article Rewriter

5 Benefits of Using Magic Article Rewriter

I have purchased way too many IM products, become a millionaire blueprints, WSO’s in my struggle to make an income online. It was quite a shock seeing just how big of a liar these gurus were. The present economy is a disaster, to say the least. I owned a real world business for over twenty-five years until it was crippled by the economy. I saw customers of mine that were around since the 1800′s fall into ruin. I saw people that I respected and considered my friends file for bankruptcy. So, to me what these so-called gurus were doing was detestable. 5 Benefits of Using Magic Article Rewriter

I believe Magic Article Rewriter can help many of you make money online. It was one of the first products that proved to me, that it worked.

Now here is how Magic Article Rewriter can help you five ways.

  1. Avoid duplicate content penalties. This is obvious.Creating unique articles from one original will be a lot more effective than spamming the same carbon copy article all over the internet.
  2. Target more people. Just by rotating your article title, you can target different people. For example, if you use “train your dog” in the title, your article may not show up for someone searching for “train your puppy” With MAR, you can rotate titles to include “train your puppy”, “Train your hunting dog” “train your older dog” etc.

3.Instant sales. Submitting any article to a quality site can make instant sales. These article sites are well read and your article on just one good site can reach hundreds or even thousands of people. It would be fairly common to make a sale or two from just one article. Now with more articles submitted to more places, chances are very good that you will make more immediate sales.

  1. Traffic.With all your MAR submissions, your links are being broadcast to many popular sites. This will definitely cause an impressive boost of traffic from your links.
  2. Valuable backlinks.Everyone knows that backlinks are crucial for your SEO. Some backlinks are worth more than others. Especially backlinks from sites that Google considers valuable. Article directories are such links. Many of the better directories have page ranks of 4,5, and 6, and are crawled constantly by Google. Hundreds of valuable backlinks with each submission.

All of this from one inexpensive, easy to use program. No guru B.S. just results!

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