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Yeah I know. Article marketing is so yesterday.But its not.In fact article marketing is more powerful then ever.So let me explain.
If you have been struggling to make money online, you have probably tried article marketing.It may even have been the first thing you tried. I know it was for me.

In the begining I tried writing an article and submitting it to a handful of article directories.I even made a couple of sales.All in all though this approach wasnt overwhelming in terms of results. First lets look at what article marketing can do.

Article marketing can make immediate sales, but thats just the begining. In addition to that, article marketing is able to generate amazing traffic, and quality backlinks. Thats right, sales, traffic, backlinks, and of course its 100% free.

Lets say you submit one article to an article website.If youve done a decent job, you are probably able to get a couple hundred views.Probably more, with just one article on one site. Now if you take that same article and submit it to twenty sites, you are probably going to get thousands of views.What about fifty article sites?And dont forget blogs.You can put your articles on many blogs.Multi-thousand views traffic, backlinks, but…there is a problem.

There is a war on spam going on.Its happening on every website. evertime you fill in a terribly annoying captcha, and its happening with Google and the other search engines. No one wants spam. So one article plastered all over the internet seems a lot like spam to blog owners and to the search engines.

The good news is, that makes unique content even more powerful. That is what people and the search engines do want.Unique information, reviews, stories.This is where article rewriting or spinning comes in.If you have one good article, you can use a program like Magic Article Rewriter to create hundreds of unique articles from one source.Now you have hundreds of articles with your links, that can be submitted to hundreds of article directories and blogs.The only drawback with most programs is that the results read like gibberish.That is not the case with Magic Artice Rewriter.In fact by saving information as “tokens”, the results actually get better the more you use it.

Magic Article Rewriter might well be your missing link. The thing thats missing between you and the money. The reason your plans havent worked. You really havent tried article marketing before. You need to submit unique content to as many article websites and blogs as possible.You can find out more about Magic Article Rewriter and some great bonuses by clicking here.

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